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2017-18 Klein Drama Troupe #90 ITS Officers: President-Ryan Esparza, Vice-President Martin Czvikli, Secretary- Jacob Rios and Alek Jordan, Treasurer-Kristen DeLoatche, Historian-Kerouac Awbrey, Scribe- Garrett Parker. 

2017-18 Theatre Production Performance Students: Andrew Enloe, Nick Lammey, Will Marino, Donnie Gulley, Simone Stephens, Isabel Ayala, Joseph Carr, Justis Curry, Alexa Gaden, Julia Harter, Kyra Helmick, Kyra Race, Zain Mire, Cade Eller, Maddie Evans, Ryan Ferguson, Abby Holmes, Natalie Lammey, Tre LeMalle, Allison Norton, Rhiannon Sachnick, Kristian Schmutz, Julia Spanos, Walter Zogg, Cherokee Browning, Caroline Cramer, Madison Dean, AnaBelle Elliott, Brayden Espinosa, Janeen Garcia, Jonathan Gibbs, Jaime Gipson, Ella Griffin, Isabella Guerrero, Karen Heinz, Kennedy James, Grace Lewis, Lauren Livingood, Layla Lusby, Mercedes Madrigal, Tabitha Maxey, Isabelle Olson, Julia Potts, Chris Sosa.  

2017-18 Technical Theatre Production Students: Takoda Castro, Lukas Holmes, William Keener, Camden Lander, Shaheer Raja, Linda Brown, Sophia Enloe, Chloe Gibson, Teresa Guenther,Josh Kizer, Matthew Mausser, Colin Morton, Jeannie Nguyen, Isabella Pedraza, Solis Sisco-Kearns, Megan Stillwell, Zachary Waltz, Samantha Ward. 

Our first meeting is Tuesday August 8th at 6:30 in the Blackbox Theatre. It is important that a parent attend with you. Your parent MUST attend one of the two parent meetings offered. Second parent meeting date and time TBD. 

We still do not have signed Production Application forms from some of you. If you know you did not turn yours in please bring it Tuesday night to the meeting. If you did not turn in a form and your name is not on the list please contact or to see if you were accepted into the Theatre Production program. 

The first Live Theatre Critique is due October 2, 2017. 

WOW! Lots of talent in Klein Drama! Thanks for shining so bright in auditions. Congratulations to the cast and crew. We will see you today from 5:30-9:00pm. You do not need to wear rehearsal attire.All called cast and crew. Crew heads will stay until 9pm, however crew will be released after the vision talk.6:30pm

Iris……Julia Spanos  

Mom/Miss Overlook…Simone Stephens 

Mr. Matternot…..Zain Mire 

Hazel……Julia Harter 

Elmer……………………….Garrett Parker

Leaf Monitor....Kristen DeLoatche  

Flower Painter....Abby Holmes 

Thunder Bottler 1.....Alek Jordan

Thunder Bottler 2....Jacob Rios 

Bolt Bender....Walter Zogg

Memory Mender.....Donnie Gulley 

Rain Maker....Allison Norton 

Grotto Good.....Ryan Esparza 

Gretta Good....Natalie Lammey  

Mozart....Justis Curry 

Annabel Lee.....Isabella Guerrero 

Himtoo.....Kristian Schmutz 

Otherguy......Will Marino 

Captain Also....Kerouac Awbrey 

Third String.....Chris Sosa 

Ray.....Cade Eller 

Understudies: Kyra Race and Tre LeMalle 


Stage Manager...Shaheer Raja 

Assistant Stage Managers - Samantha Ward and Jeannie Nguyen 

Costume Designer....Andrew Enloe 

Assistant Costume Designer....Isabella Pedraza 

Master Carpenter....Camden Lander 

Assistant Master Carpenter....Sophia Enloe 

Master Electrician....Zak Waltz 

Light Board Op.....Chloe Gibson 

Sound Designer & Board Op....Will Keener 

Props Master....Josh Kizer 

Props Assistant...Kyra Race 

Props Crew....Kyra Helmick, Maddison Dean. 

Flymen.....Takoda Castro and Matthew Mauser 

Carpenters....Solis Sisco-Kearns, Colin Morton, Matthew Mauser, Takoda Castro, Teresa Guenther, Tabitha Maxey, Karen Heinz 

Electricians.....Luke Holmes, Martin Czvikli, Angel Boyd, Jaime Gipson, Ella Griffin 

Costume/Make Up Crew....Megan Stillwell, Linda Brown, Alexa Gaden, Maddie Evans, Lauren Livingood,Layla Lusby, Mercedes Madrigal 

House Manager......Martin Czvikli 

Assistant House Manager.....Alexa Gaden 


Director: Jason Bradshaw, Technical Director: David Myrick 


 Tina Lee Domino, Director of Theatre Klein High School


Acting: Live Theatre Critique Guidelines Technical: Live Theatre Critique Guidelines

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